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Wild@heART or the art of staying young

The film Wild@heART presents courageous artists in their golden age – finding themselves, creatively speaking, on the climax of their lives in the third phase.

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Tibet’s Children

A filmic documentation about young Tibetans living in exile and about the efforts of committed artists and civilians to support them in preserving their cultural identity..

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Love ya - A film about South African artists two decades after the end of apartheid
Doku | Austria, South Africa

A Film about the NEXT GENERATION 20 years after the end of apartheid in South Africa showing young and dedicated artists.

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PASSION - Hommage à Christiane Singer
Doku | Austria, France, Germany

The film “Ich besinge die Welt und das ist mein Leben - Hommage à Christiane Singer“ is a filmic essay in the footsteps of Christiane Singer, novelist, humanist, essayist, philosopher. The most important topic of the writer seems to be: How can the flames of passion and vitality be fanned in humans?

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Doku | Austria, Costa Rica, Germany, Spain

A documentary film about an extraordinary circus project with children and teenagers from Costa Rica during their tour across Europe.

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Crossing Cultures
Austria/Cote DÌvoire/Switzerland


Art in the South
Toscana/Italy 2007

A film about the work of art brut artists of the artplace of Lebenshilfe Gmunden in Italy, Toscana during the art unlimited projekt 2007.

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Suenos de Ninos - Kinderträume
Mexico/Austria 2007

A film about engaged idealists in Mexico who have the same dream – they dream from a better society, which gives the children in the slums of Mexico more hope and future.

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The children of Etzelsdorf

- an Austrian history documentary about the fade of hard labour workers and their children during the second war in Austria.

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Cuba libre - no passing freedom
35 min Doku | Austria/Cuba

A documentation about cuba  where cubaneros and austrians present their own definition of freedom – shown in an exposition with cultur – in the social life, in art, in the daily life and in the foreign country – which become home.

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March 2005

The teribes - back to the root

Without coming into an idealized way of all, the documentary shows the dilemma of losing the spiritual and also the cultural identity of the indigenas

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Feb/March 2004

Nicaraguas children - yearning for culture
40 min. Doku | AUT/NICARAGUA

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Upperaustrians in Costa Rica - "a visuell dialog with emaigrations"
40min. Doku | AUT/COSTA RICA

This film shows the way of living of some Austrians who immigrated to Costa Rica – it’s a diversity with the “Suisse of Latinamerica”. Roland Spendlingwimmer got the human wright price of the mayor of the country because of his engagement for asylants.

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September 2001

Stein des Friedens
45 min. Doku | AUST/AUT


December 1999 - February 2000

Trekking Dowunder
12 min. Shortmovie | AUST/AUT


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