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Suenos de Ninos - Kinderträume

A film about engaged idealists in Mexico who have the same dream – they dream from a better society, which gives the children in the slums of Mexico more hope and future.

About the movie

The film “suenos de ninos  - children dreams” asks for the meaning of children rights in Mexiko, where the protests and the solidarity with the first and the third world become more and more.

Although children rights get hurt all over the world –  people look away and don’t wanna confrontate with this reality.

Carola Mair invites the audience for having a special observation to see what really happens.
The film was made 2007 in Mexiko and Austria.

San Cristobal de las casas, Mexico City and Tijuana are the places – where the movie was be shooted. The protagonists are Mexican children and teenagers who are telling about their dreams and visions but also Austrians and Mexicans who are already their dreams.

Dreams pass through the movie like a red string – dreams  about a better world, dreams about hope and visions, but also dreams about the naked reality of Mexico.

The film wants to give children a voice in a land where the bad sides of the globalism like migration streams , revolutions through the Zapatistas and the economic rate of growth get more. In a land, where the mestizes discriminate the indigenas.

Production notes

The film was made 2007 in Mexico and Austria.

Crew: Flo Fessl – camera, Erwin Slim – sound, Erika Michalke – cutter

Protagonists: Christian and Alma Szinicz, Francisco Ariaza, Marie Jose Rodriguez, Jessie Ann de Angelo, Pati Mota, Magda Schrittwieser and Viktor Salazar

The film is obtainable for schools at the BIMEZ Linz OÖ.





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